Arp Pipe For Only Ch. 2?


I want to uses the arpeggio pipe but only for one channel on a port. seems like this isn’t easily done?

am i missing some deeper routing layer?

Hi, simply filter out all the rest of the channels using Channel Filter or Channel Range Filter before the Arp pipe, so it only works with channel 2.

Unfortunately that seems to then filter out the notes from Ch 1 which are going to another synth in that chain

Use virtual buses to have common parts and then to split it out for individual processing.

so for example if i wanted to have 16 individual arp controls for USB Port A, I’d need to do 16 From Port A → With Channel Range Filter → Wtvr effects to virtual busses that then have those each of those buses go out MIDI A?

Yes, you’d have to use individual lines of pipes for each separate channel processing.