Anyone working on

Anybody out there who tried to compile for raspberry?

I just tried and failed :disappointed_relieved:

It seems that the code is currently not well organized to be build on Linux. This is what I have tried until now:

apt-get -y --no-install-recommends install libgtk-3-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev dos2unix unzip
git clone --recursive
cd ctrlr
git submodule init
git submodule update
ln -s Source/Misc/boost Boost # hack...
mkdir Packaging Bin # another hack...
cd Scripts
dos2unix post-commit
bash post-commit
cd ctrlr/Builds/LinuxMakefile

I haven’t found the mentioned… no idea what to do now. Also my current experiences with X11 on a RPi3: everything is very slow…

Regards, Holger

@ Holger
You know this thread?
Somebody from this forum tries to talk to the owner to somebody with more knowledge to do the job.
There must be a lot of packages at the right place that the whole thing is working after compiling.

@C0d3man Holger
Try to contact Chris, the Oberheim Matrix Panel developer from the ctrlr forum He knows a little bit more about the history of of the program. Chris is mainly working on Win and a little bit for Mac. Ziggy