Any Midi controlled FX pedal users here? (Chase Bliss)

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone else is using the Midihub together with a CBA effects pedal? And am curious what you’re up to, and what you’re experiences are! Here’s what i’m doing, and planing with my Mood:

I find it a joy to route my midicontroller with CC triggers for bypassing the pedals to the Midihub, there i add multiple automations on the pedals parameters. This saves me 2 hand to do other stuff since i don’t have to twist buttons manually.

Currently i’m trying to create a pipe that takes over the initial trigger coming from my midi controller. In a way i’m trying to create a sequencer on the Midihub, but i’m still exploring this idea.

I can share pipelines if there is interest.
This Midihub is so much fun, i can’t repeat it enough!


I have midi going to my pedalboard which controls CBA Blooper as well as an infinity looper and a Ventris reverb. At the moment, though, the main use is to synchronise everything. I do have cc’s set up and can manually control some parameters from a squarp pyramid but, to be honest, there’s been other things I felt I needed to explore first before I start using midihub to trigger things. What your describing sounds fantastic, though, and I could well imagine going down this road at some point … CC LFO;s to blooper’s scrambler modifier maybe :slight_smile:
Actually, that’s a good point. With midihub, I’m finding that I’m not so much limited by the hardware, I’m more limited by the time available to explore all the possibilities.


Ha, you should know i’m walking this path because i yet have to get a pyramid. If i had one i would just sequence the euclidean hell out of that pedal, sort of speak. I’m just doing this to free up a channel on my beatstep pro which i’m using for cc sequencing atm. I just want 3 buttons for bypassing the fx channels on the controller channel of the bsp.

Got inspired by this
Generative sequencing midi cc into the Drolo side is what made me get this pedal, and the midihub by extension :slight_smile:

Yup, i just dick around with some volcas and pedals, and one thing i learned with midihub is that a good understanding of midi is much more valuable than getting bigger and better synths (at least for now). Midihub really enables me to just explore the edge of the hardware. Time, like you say, is the crucial factor here.


Just seen that video and, yes, very inspiring …
I have a Yamaha CP too, so it was especially relevant for me.
I shall work my way through some more of his videos, I think
Thanks :slight_smile: