Am I barking up the right tree?


New here and wondering if Pisound is the right tool to solve my problem. Basically, I have an Arius P-140 digital piano from Yamaha. What I would like to do is turn it into a player piano so that my wife can listen to piano music on it. I see that it has midi input/output jacks, and I am wondering if I could setup Pisound to connect to it and play songs on it. If so, is there a web or app interface that can be used with Pisound to add songs to be played? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


Pisound + any program that allows you to playback midi files will allow you to do this.
I don’t know of any specific player piano applications so it’ll likely end up being a DAW, MIDI editor, CLI program or you’ll have to implement it yourself.

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