Advanced harmonize question?

In the attachment I put an picture that shows that for each note an individual chord can be triggered.

My Question for experts is:

What can be done if I want to manage by pressing more than single note for example c and d simultaneously only one of the chords of booth is playing.

Maybe for future update an single object for mono note pressing is required.

I’m afraid I don’t understand this, Bilo.
(If I can work out what you’re asking, I’ll attempt a non-“expert” answer!)

Oh, do you mean something like this:

  1. When C is playing it is let though pipeline 1 but not through 2 & 3 so gets Harmony1
  2. When D is playing it is let though pipeline 2 but not through 1 & 3 so gets Harmony2
  3. etc.

(My guess is you meant something different cos your pic suggests the solution to the above! Well at least in a fixed sense)

Definitely don’t get this!

My attachment picture is only an example in my setup I have over 12 horizontal pipes for harmonize.
for example when pressing note C an CMaj7 is playing When pressing D an Dmin9 is playing.
That’s not the question.

The Question is how to make an pipe that only passing 1 note at one time through. Because if I press inadvertently two or more notes. I don’t want to get different chords at same time.
My target is i like to prevent chord overlapping.

@Bilo_2022 I think I see the distinction:

  • while C is note_on you want only that pipeline open, all the others closed
  • ditto, for each note you’re going to play

If that’s your need, then the solution that comes immediately to mind would involve a physical loopback so that you can “invert” the mapped message for the virtual In Bypass flag.
Let me know if I’ve know described your aim properly and (if nec) I’ll explain a bit more about the physical loopback or SynthDad hack (he did a vid on youTube about it)

Maybe a Dispatcher pipe with only a single channel enabled, before the To Virtual A output pipe could help achieve ‘mono’ keyboard playback.

Hey Giedrius,

I already tried that but I only get singles note output. Could you test it and send me an example if it works ?

I think there are more ways to get this done.
Maybee Loopback and mapping could work.
But I search for an easier solution without plugging extra cables for loopback.

I thought you wanted to have a single note come through to the next section, the Dispatcher seems to be able to do that (except that it’s always the very last note you pressed). What sort of behavior do you expect if you press multiple notes at once? Play only the very first note, and don’t let others through, until it’s released?

That was my assumption from @Bilo_2022 response. Only mention it cos that means my solution wouldn’t work either!

with the dispatcher hint from Giedrius i was able to get my expectations met.
the order of the objects was key.


Upload the patch please!

Sure, here are the results. Try it on a piano sample
output for example.
Only Note C3 and D3 working other note are filtered out.
Try it with and without bypassing booth dispatcher and press everytime C3 an D3 simultaneously.
You will understand what I was searching for.

MonoChordTrigger.mhp (412 Bytes)


I was barking up the wrong tree!
Now you’ve got me thinking about how to do it so the initial note blocks subsequent ones until note_off…

I guess, in your final patch you’ll have C-1,C0,…,C7 to let through any C chord.