Adapting Pisound to work with Libre Computer's Renegade SBC

Just curious @Giedrius , what are the immediately foreseeable challenges with adapting Pisound hardware and software to be compatible with Libre Computer’s ROC-RK3328-CC (Renegade) in your opinion?

The pinouts look slightly different to me but my understanding is limited in that area. Here’s what I could find on the Renegade’s pinouts

It’s also 64-bit :confused:

Link to the schematic Google doc

Hey, the information here is relevant to any porting: Pisound and Asus Tinker

Pisound uses I2S PCM DIN and DOUT on header pins 38 and 40 respectively, the GPIO header schematic does not contain “I2S” in the name for those pins, also has additional parts on the signal line, looks like this makes this board incompatible with Pisound as is. The datasheet on page 30 shows the pin GPIO2_A1/UART2_RX_M1 doesn’t have I2S as an alternative function.

This could maybe still be worked around by providing an adapter board to sort the incompatibility out, or wiring up Pisound to Renegade SBC using jumper wires.

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