About tutorials and arduboy

I’m newbie and midiboy my first microcontroller project (both in soldering and programming).
I’m interested when would be available tutorials for programming for midiboy?
And, how hard to port games from arduboy to midiboy? Or some midi related projects from other arduino based platforms? What skills needs to do that?

Hey, we have already ported Arduboy, Arduboy2 and ArduboyTones libraries, they provide a platform agnostic API to write games for Arduboy-like systems. That makes a lot of games to be compilable for Midiboy as they are. Some games might be going around those libraries (because they may have been written at a time the APIs were not there yet, or for some other reasons) accessing some hardware specific things from their code (those being mostly ATMega32U4 registers, Midiboy runs on ATMega328P), those parts have to be ported individually in the game code.

At the moment you could start with programming tutorials for Arduboy, as they should apply to Midiboy as well, given that the main libraries are ported for it.

We have also written Midiboy library for use specifically with Midiboy and with focus on MIDI streams. At the moment it does not have any documentation written for it, apart from what’s available in the actual .h files. You could check out the sketches using Midiboy to see how the library is used: CCMon, Midimon, orac-controller, Midichords.

You could just try porting some game or MIDI sketch over to Midiboy, and if you hit any issues, let us know. :slight_smile:

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