Ability to have pages of presets

Let’s say you can midihub pipe flow that works for one song
But the next song is entirely different so now you need another pipefkow

Wouldnt it have been nice if midihub was more like a guitar pedal where you could hit the footpedal to switch to a different bank of presets where each preset (song) loads a midipipe flow.

Two switches, up and down banks of presets

Maybe a bit overkill (the thing was hanging around anyway) but I use the Behringer FCB1010 for that. Just programmed the 8 first pedals to switch the Midihub presets. I’m sure there are other midi controllers that can do the same. Maybe look at those page flip things? https://www.thomann.de/be/pageflip_butterfly.htm
If they can send Program Change messages then there you go!

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Yeah, the presets can be switched using Program Change messages or pressing the button multiple times.

@alphaai, did you mean switching presets, or do you mean you want to have more than 8 presets available?

Working around:
Create several pipelines for different songs in one preset, then you can map and bypass needed pipelines with midi (foot)controller.


Also Virtual In/Out pipes (8 pipes: A-H) can be used to create multiple pipelines routings with different effects and then their “Bypass” property can be mapped to midi controller.


Great Ideas!! more then just workarounds :wink: @WeirdHub
This can be use; for one more example - to have more pre defined TEMPO settings/changes.
Bypass one at a time…
Virtual pipes hold 8 tempo settings.mhp (498 Bytes)