Ability to add description to pipe properties

I always forget what my pipes are set up for and sometimes I delete ones I need and/or I have some that don’t actually need. It would be handy if I could leave a description of the pipe so I can remember what its there for. I was using the global description field but that still gets too confusing.

I’ll third that Nicolai.
FYI, the idea has had some previous support from Robota originally, I think and most recently from Marek in April
Blokas team are aware of this at some priority level.
I’d also like some sort of export/parser of patches so you can see at a glance all of the mapping that are hidden under the hood. I know a few ZOIA fans scripted something similar in Python - I guess with a small team like Blokas/Empress don’t have the resources to make that a priority

I use the USB FROM and TO pipes as Dividers/ Labels for my rows. Since I don’t use USB MIDI, they are free.

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