A simple step sequencer

I included the Midiboy as part of my setup and to cater for that I wrote a step sequencer to allow for shorter bursts of creativity! It’s obviously geared towards my needs (and what you can squeeze into 2 kB) but may also be useful for someone else. You can find it here GitHub - ulmert/stepollo: MIDI Step Sequencer sketch for Midiboy (Arduino)
The code is no piece of art - but it does the job in a fairly stable manner.


Nice! :slight_smile: Looks like it’s quite fully featured!

It took me a while until I realized I had to unmute the step using B+Right for the note to ‘stay’ after editing its note number and parameters. :smiley:

True that - unfortunately I ran out of single button options :slight_smile: I plan to make a web app for editing tracks and then allow for “deployment” (using web midi) to the device - with only a few “performance” oriented options accessible on the device itself.

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I think it could be more intuitive if after editing the note number of the step, it’d automatically become unmuted (or even while editing). This way, it’s easy to look in the documentation for a way to mute or delete a note after placing it. :slight_smile:

Makes sense! Updated.

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Works great. :slight_smile:

Btw, you could upload your sketch here: Midiboy Archives | Patchstorage

Sure - happy to contribute!