2 Questions: Stripping down modules + arduino ide

Ok, can Patchbox be stripped of modules so as to leave but one or two?
Are there any tricks to focusing the computation on a chosen module (ex: Super Collider)?

Can you read from the GPIO of a RPi 4 and connect other MCU such as Arduino and Arduino IDE with peripherals?
I’ve so far only a DSI display attached to a Pi4 but have a number of other periphals I’d like to interface.
Looking into JACK deeper after writing this, hopefully that clears some things up.

Also looking at many distros including bnlt: Elk, Circle and circuit python or other bare metal solutions. Patchbox is really nice so far but I’d like to modify it quite a bit. Also the Pisound looks great but the positioning of encoders and hat style would require alot of desoldering and rearrrangement which defeats the purpose and price tag.

I suppose anything can be done in the command-line but someone with a fine understanding of Patchbox might be able to quickly answer these questions!

Thank you!