2 midi sources merge events to 1 app

Hi all,

I am a happy pisound user, I have a cheap electronic drum kit which works fine with patchbox os, triggering either hurricane or fluidsynth.

I have now purchased a millenium mps-750 hi-hat controller connected to an edrumin 4 trigger to midi converter and am trying to get them to work together.

So basically I want to merge the midi events from the drum controller and the edrumin and have them routed to 1 app which is setup as the drum sound source.

Any hints anybody?



Hi what connections are used to connect these devices to Pisound / Raspberry Pi? Is USB used?

I’m using USB for both but both sources also have serial midi available if that helps.

Thanks for the reply

In that case, you should be able to use aconnectgui to connect both devices to the same software. Automating the connection is possible using amidiminder.

I’ll try that and update here, thanks for the help.

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How is edrumin and PIsound working. ?