+1 for internal mapping request

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+1 for internal mapping for the LFO request. An internal mapping would avoid to waste a midi out and a midi in connection using the midi cable trick (Thank you synthdad for your videos !)


hey @lolo, welcome to midihub!

In case you’re interested:
Ideas concerning scaleable/internal/local mappings have come up quite regularly on the forum either as feature requests or as solutions to patch problems.
Blokas’ Giedrius first mentioned that they were planning these sorts of capabilities about a couple of years ago.

I imagine the planned advances will replace all the tasks that a physical loopback has been put to (and more!)
When you look at some of these ideas, they include

  • not just scaling an internally/externally created event and using it as a mapping, but also
  • storing a state and
  • introducing a time element into mapping actions
  • and maybe even mapping mappings!

My hunch is that adding all this extra power –without making Midihub too conceptually daunting– is quite a development task! I’m very much looking forward to that when it happens…

PS. In the meantime, I’ve dug out a raspberryPi to use for power and USB loopback when I’m not hooked up to a computer.

PPS. Thanks for bringing this topic up to the top of the stack. FYI, if you add a reply to an old topic, it will also ‘resuscitate’ it .