VCV Rack Module for Patchbox please

Are there any plans to make a VCV rack Module for Patchbox? I desperately want this to happen in a well supported way.


I would love to see this happens too. VCV Rack is an awesome free eurorack simulator and is rich of plugins. However, the developer does not provide official ARM linux builds.

But actually you can just download and run the ARM linux build of VCV Rack inside Patchbox OS:

  1. Download latest vcvrack.armv7l-v1.tar.gz from vcvrack-dockerbuild-v1 releases (thanks to hexdump0815)
  2. Extract the tar.gz file: tar zxvf vcvrack.armv7l-v1.tar.gz
  3. Run VCV Rack: cd vcvrack.armv7l-v1; ./Rack -d

Another option is to run Sonaremin (also from hexdump0815) directly on your Raspberry Pi 4. However, Sonaremin is based on ubuntu 18.04 and does not support pisound.

Hope this helps.


You could also check miRack, which is VCV Rack but obtimised for other platforms:

Checkout this thread on how to make it work on Patchbox: Sunvox on Patchbox OS?

Unfortunately, miRack seems like it was abandoned. But I was able to play with it and install lots of extra modules. In my case, I was limited by the lack of good sequencer and quantizer, but if you find a module for that, let me know!