USB MIDI keyboard

I used a MIDI keyboard (Roland A-500S) without any problems with external power supply ane MIDI connecton, but now I need to connect it with USB cable, and I’ve not been able to make it work (both with PD or MODEP). Can’t also find nothing useful on forums, can anyone help me? Thank you.

So it works while externally powered, but it does not if it’s connected only via USB?

Check if the device is recognized using amidi -l command. Also check the dmesg command output for any errors reported after connecting the keyboard.

It doesn’t seem to be errors on insertion of USB cable, but the keyboard is not listed in MIDI devices list.

Does it work with power supply plugged in?

I see this device has some ‘advanced driver’ switch, make sure to switch it off, as ROLAND doesn’t release the special driver for Linux.

Yes, it is!
The switch has to be set to “off” before plugging the cable.

Thank you very much!

What is the output of lsusb, when the keyboard is connected?

here it is:

Looks like this time it got recognized by ALSA MIDI :slight_smile:

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