USB Controller into midi hub in OSX

I can’t figure out how to route a USB controller into a port on the midihub using Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup. I have an Akai MPK keyboard connected via USB to my computer. I can see it and the four port midihub in the Audio MIDI Setup, but when I try to take the output of the Akai and connect it to a port on the midihub, the virtual cable will not connect. Am I missing something?

Ohhh macosx mysteries!!
No ones knows??

Think I never used that… and… some applications don’t use it either…
I’m always with a DAW or plugin host that support MIDI routing (example Gig Performer), and sometimes Midi PatchBay or Midi Pipe for fast testing some routings.

Thanks for jostling my brain cells. You are absolutely correct in that the Apple Audio MIDI Setup serves as the I/O to an application. I guess I thought MidiPipes would serve as a front end, but it makes since now that I think about it.

Now its me curious as to solve this as well.
@Giedrius what’s your workflow? ideas?
Thanks in advanced :wink:

My ambition is to use MIDIhub to manage a live modular synth rig with a blackbox sampler, QuNeo, Roli keyboard and a Micro Monsta. I do most of my tracking in Protools and do some of my writing and sound creation in Reason. But my primary focus for this particular piece is in my performance rig. I have been using my venerable old Yamaha MEP-4, so the MIDIhub is a major step up from that environment.

Hey, I still have one of those MEP-4!! from the time to correct DX7 and DX100 velocity issues.