Step-by-Step.04: Controlling outgoing messages

This topic is the development thread for the New to Midihub activity Step-by-Step.04: Controlling outgoing messages

This activity shows the use of Virtual pipes to combine outputs;
Their advantages for MIDI Monitoring of possible conflicts ;
and the use of the Filter pipe to control event flow

If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements to this activity, please add them below.

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Although Clock is the number one candidate to be filtered out at the input, it might be worth to mention the realtime commands Start, Continue, Stop as well. Esp. interesting if you want or don’t want your arps and sequencers start and stop all together.

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Hi @RoDi , Happy New Year!
good point about Start, etc

In the spirit of “Development Collaboration” and as @Blokas is probably on hols (or packing up shipments!) until next week, any suggestions about where the extra mention might go?

I just had a look through the topic and it seems to me that it fits in part2,

maybe when Filter is first introduced here:

SO: We need to insert a FILTER pipe in the right place…

maybe around here:

:eye_in_speech_bubble: : did you spot the KeyStep oversight

or maybe even at the end here:

Now the patch is saved, take some time to …

:game_die: Experiment with Filter…

What do you think? Got any possible wording?

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