Step-by-Step.01: 9 sockets and more

This topic is the development thread for the New to Midihub activity Step-by-Step.01.: 9 sockets and more!

This activity introduces Midihub controls and LEDs and shows how to change presets on the device and in the Editor

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Needs instruction on where Load Preset menu is located. It’s actually under the Devices menu – shouldn’t Store and Load be under the Presets menu?

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I’ve updated the screenshot to indicate that the toolbar menu item was used in that particular case.

The Presets menu is for changing the properties of the current preset, the File menu is for opening, saving, etc… from/to locations available on the main computer, and Device menu is for managing the Midihub device, including its memory contents.

Now you know:

  • how to change the Current Preset in the Editor
  • how to change the active Preset with the button when Midihub is stand-alone

How about a quick explanation of the feature in Settings, that allows you to change the preset via midi messaging? As mentioned in this forum post.

I’ve tried to get that to work, it would be great to use, but what messages does it need to change the preset? Or am I misunderstanding it? Went looking for help and this document seemed to be the closest place I could find for this to be explained.

Hey aA @arcticAnalysis

good idea IMO. Does the following suit?

:pushpin: you can even change the active preset

using a controller...

(…or even your DAW)
…if it can send Program Change (PC) messages!

With Midihub connected in Midihub editor…
…choose the Device → Settings menu:

You’ll see the Program Change Port for Preset Change is Disabled

Set it to the port you want to send PC message into…
…and the MIDI channel to listen on.

Now try it:

  • Program Change = 0 → Preset 1
  • Program Change = 1 → Preset 2

if you send Program Change = 8 or more, Midihub will ignore you…

(@Blokas: would this fit somewhere at the bottom of the Step-by-Step.01 tutorial? –tried to follow the house-style :wink: !)

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This info is just what I needed thanks.


Now I have the 8 pads on my Arturia Minilab MkII configured to switch my Midihub presets.

I am loving the Midihub but to me it lives under the desk, not using up workspace, so this is exactly what I need for this to keep it out of the way, beautiful as it is!

Many thanks @resonotter :medal_sports:

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Midihub & Arturia - marriage made in heaven!


Thank you, edited this section into the guide.

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