SPDIF/TOSlink output

Hi guys,

just found out about your project and must say that I am really impressed! Will definitely get one for playing around with guitar effects. One question: Does the HDMI audio out work with pisound as well or is it exclusively analogue? If HDMI does not work, how could I get a digital signal out from the Raspi? All other GPIO pins are blocked by design… right?

Thanks for you efforts & Good luck with the Indiegogo campaign!!!


Hi Frank,

pisound appears to the OS as an additional audio device, so you should be able to use pisound’s audio input and HDMI’s audio output together.

There are still a couple of GPIO pins available (http://blokas.io/pisound/docs/specs/#pinout-of-pi-header), but it is a bit hard to access at the moment - we’re considering exposing them a bit better in a revised design.

Thank you!

Cool, that is excellent news! Thanks for the quick reply!