Shipping time to North East USA

Just wondering how long it took for other’s pisounds to arrive, especially those living in the Boston or New York area. My tracking stopped updating the 13th.

Hi, the shipping time to USA using national post varies between 2 to 6 weeks. National post tracking systems provide information only within origin and destination countries, the countries visited in between do not add entries to the log. During holiday period, delays can be expected.

UPS shipping options provide reliable and quick delivery time with full tracking information.

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Cool. That makes sense. Thank you for the information. I’m super excited!

I am now past 45 days and still show in transit. nothing sense 4-17-2020.
Still shows being in Lith. That is over 6 weeks. Not very good. Would never have ordered if I thought it would take this long.

Lane in Ohio USA

The coronavirus delays every shipping. I hope you will get it soon.
But believe me the Blokas stuffs are awesome! It is worth waiting


Indeed, the pandemic is impacting the shipments worldwide, and delays are expected while it’s still ongoing. By the way, the registered international post packages usually only get updates while in the origin and destination countries, and it may even already be stored in a warehouse in the destination country, waiting for its turn in the queue, to be scanned and processed by the postal services, so next tracking event should be expected once the package is registered in the destination country’s system.

Anyone having issues with their shipment should contact us by e-mail so we can look into the particular case.

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Has anyone in the US received theirs yet? It’s been 3 weeks since I got a shipping notice.

more info in this recent post :wink:

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any luck? It looks like one is still at the origin post.

Still trying to understand the possibilities of MIDIHUB before I receive one. I am too busy to use it now anyway but still wondering.

Updated today! It’s in Chicago USA now. Shouldn’t be too long until I see it. Will post here when I get it.


Still waiting in California. Shipped 2020-05-08, last update was “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” on 2020-05-10.

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There’s tracking provided by both, the origin and destination postal offices, at the early stage of the package shipment, usually the origin’s statuses are more accurate, it’d read as a cryptic “The item sent from the office of exchange of origin country to the destination country” - it actually means that the package has left Lithuania and it’s on its way to the destination.

The packages sent to the same country are batched by origin’s post and get put in a container, and the entire container then gets shipped to the destination country. The other countries that participate in the delivery don’t bother going through the contents, hence no tracking updates, until the shipments are processed in the destination country’s sorting facility.

The packages may already be in the destination country’s warehouse, waiting in queue to get processed. We hear there’s long queues in some countries.


I’m trying to reconcile that explanation with the fact that mrclean’s unit shipped six days after mine, also destined for the US, yet he has an update from four days ago that his was in Chicago.

It sounds like you’re saying that we just need to wait indefinitely and that someday maybe it will show up.

The destination country’s postal services are in control of how they process the packages, we can’t comment on the order they use.

You should contact us directly regarding your shipment, every shipment is different. I was simply explaining what the shipment status means and the gap of tracking updates between the origin and destination countries.

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Mine shipped 4/17/2020. It has now been 2 months and still shows in transit.
Beginning to think I will never see this pisound thing.

Please contact us directly with your order details, so we can check it out for you.

In case the package gets officially declared as lost, we either ship another package, or fully refund the order, whatever is preferred by the receiver. This is a very rare occurrence in our shipping history so far, but the pandemic seems be having an impact on the delivery time, so we ask for your understanding.

If it is taking 6 or more weeks for your shipment to get delivered, and there’s no recent tracking updates, please reach out to us by e-mail, so we can look into your case.

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To all those in the US still waiting on their in transit Pisound: I got lucky and mine arrived (Chicago) fairly quickly (3 -4 weeks). But both international packages and media mail domestic can end up taking a month or two after arriving in the US. My gf got a cyberdog order that had been in transit from the UK for 2.5 months. And I have a few international things that seem to be stuck in NJ’s big USPS hub. I know it’s still frustrating, but the exit will be worth it . This thing is a blast.

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In SE US - I ordered mine April 18, and it arrived June 20. USPS delays. It took six weeks to get from Chicago to my doorstep.

I guess I maybe sorta feel a little better: shipping notification May 8, last and only real update was “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” on May 10th. I didn’t even realize there WERE still shipping methods for retail products that took 6-8+ weeks…

For some reason, destination country’s postal systems usually show this event, but at the same time, origin post’s tracking event states that the package was shipped abroad. This status is the right one. Postal shipments normally get updates only within origin and destination countries.

Please keep in mind the current global context when thinking about shipping time. It used to take much less time for packages to get delivered to US. The pandemic not only slowed down the efficiency of global postal system with reduced workforce, reduced efficiency with all the new safety rules, significantly reduced air flights, but also the volume of shipments is also larger than it normally would be at this time of year, with so many people staying at home and ordering things to be delivered.