[Release] MODEP 2018-09-11

Hmmm… the dualboot sounds like a solution - though it seems to be needing a keyboard + monitor which I don‘t have and to keep the pi headless.

Would still prefer another solution - and maybe realtime capabilities of jackd would also be an advantage for having a slightly better a/v sync when using the pi to stream audio from the AppleTV to the pi with airplay. But I suppose this is too advanced for me and switching SD card is the solution for me not understanding enough of linux audio.

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Hi. Just to let you know. I came across a couple of effects that can’t be connected to.

When trying to plug in, they don’t show the white arrows, and when releasing the mouse button, the cable simply drops. Connecting from these effects seem to work, but I just tested a few.

I checked all the effects that came with the current release, to generate you a list of all the effects that don’t work. Hope that helps.

Category Generator:
AirFont320 FluidSynth
amsynth Dowel
Black Pearl 4A AV Linux
Black Pearl 5 AV Linux
Drumkits Perc. AV Linux
Fluid Drums FluidGM
Fluid Ensemble FluidGM
Fluid Ethnic FluidGM
Fluid Guitars FluidGM
Fluid Organs FluidGM
FluidPercussion FluidGM
Fluid Pianos FluidGM
Fluid Pipes FluidGM
fluid SoundFX FluidDB
FluidStrings FluidGM
Fluid SynthFX FluidGM
Fluid Strings FluidGM
Fluid SynthFX FluidGM
Fluid Synth Leads FluidGM
Fluid Synth Pads FluidGM
FluidGM FluidSynth
Fractal CAPS
Kars Distrho
Piano MDA
Red Zeppelin 4 AV Linux
Red Zeppelin 5 AV Linux
setBfree x42
Triceratop Nick Bailey
White Caps

Category Spectral:
AT1 x42 (only left port working)

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Hey, thank you for going through the plugins and testing them! :slight_smile:

All of these plugins are accepting MIDI connections to receive note input rather than analog audio, unfortunately, the distinction is not clearly showed in the UI. You actually have to connect MIDI signals to those ports that don’t work. To get MIDI ports appear on the left side of the UI, connect a USB MIDI controller and enable it in the ‘MIDI Ports’ menu at the bottom of the UI, then you can use these plugins.

The AT1 x42 seems to be accepting both MIDI and analog signal.

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Your welcome. Happy to help.

Well. That explains why they’re ‘not working’ :wink: Would it be a good idea to move these effects to the midi category then? Or is this category meant for something else?

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Plugins in question are using MIDI data to generate Audio output, hence the Generator category is used. :wink:

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Hi there,

Raspbian upgrades now to Buster version.
Is Modep going to upgrade too ?

I would be happy to help if my knowledge is sufficient ! :slight_smile:

Has soon as RPI-Distro/pi-gen is now on Buster the future new Beta version should be Modep-Buster too.

Hey! The image generator is here: https://github.com/BlokasLabs/modep

We plan to update this and Patchbox OS images to Buster, but it’s still not stable enough yet - we want to include the real time configuration kernel, but the latest version of 4.19.y-rt it does not boot with Raspberry Pi 3B+, but now at least it boots on Pi 2 and Pi 4…

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Also, we’re considering consolidating MODEP into Patchbox OS, so MODEP could be installed and switched to and from using the patchbox -> module submenu, so you don’t have to keep multiple sd cards around.


That would be great!


Agreed this would be a great feature


Hi! I’m trying this image but when I unzipping it and open it is only 45,9 mb. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi, what software are you using to decompress it? The 2018-09-11-MODEP.img file should be ~3.1GB after unzipping.

Hi! The img file is 3,23 GB but when I open it is only 46 mb. Im just decompressing it in macOs mojave

You shouldn’t open it, you should flash it using Etcher or other software.

MDA Dub Delay has been broken for a few versions now.

What’s the issue you’re seeing with MDA Dub Delay?

The time control doesn’t not work. It is at minimum setting when it’s loaded and cannot be changed.

Hey guys, an updated version of MODEP is available via the Patchbox OS image: [Beta] Patchbox OS image 2020-03-14 (and MODEP)