Recording the midi output of an application into a DAW

Hi there people,

I’m having trouble achieving something which to my mind should be quite straightforward, so I’m hoping someone might be able to help me.

I have Arturia’s Pigments as both an au plugin and as a standalone synth. All I want to do is record the output of the sequencer’s midi notes. Trying to acheive this inside Logic doesn’t work because AU doesn’t allow for MIDI OUT control. Other DAW’s allow you to simply load the VST as a midi track and set the input to Pigments MIDI out (which you’d have loaded on another track already) Similar to Falcon’s new MIDI -OUT feature which is superb.

So, what I’m left with is the standalone synth, which has settings for MIDI controls…and then my DAW {Logic) to catch the midi notes. I’ve battled with this for days trying to use MH during the process but I just can’t nail it.

I’s be so gratefull even for a pointer in the right direction.

Many thanks kind people,