Python script to boot after Jack server

Hello everybody!
I’m a newbie, so sorry for silly questions!
I have a python script to translate Qwerty keyboard keys in midi signal, perfectly working. I need it to automatically execute after Jack has been loaded. I tried several ways and I always end to start it before Jack, I can’t figure out a way to fix this…
Thanks to everybody for help!

Hey! Sounds like before running your script you should make use of jack_wait command.

Thank you! I fixed using the .bashrc method.

Hey, what is the .bashrc method? :slight_smile:

I found a good explanation here (second method):

It’s not the best way ever, since it start everything every time you open a new terminal (for example via SSH), but for me it’s ok! I will add my script on GitHub and an easy tutorial cause I think that this can be useful for other people!


You may make the Pisound button to execute your script, in case you wouldn’t have a way to access the terminal. :slight_smile: