Problem with MIDI Interface

Hey, previously this error was caused by an issue in Pisound’s MIDI driver, and it was fixed. I have just re-verified if the issue didn’t regress on the kernel version that’s shipped with the Patchbox OS image (Linux patchbox 4.14.91-rt49-v7+ #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Tue Feb 19 15:51:26 EET 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux), and everything is OK.

What is the output of uname -a on your system?

This error basically means that communication establishment with Nord Modular via the MIDI ports did not succeed, most likely it either received no response, or the response was incorrect. In that case you should check whether the MIDI cables are connected the right way round (sometimes I connect IN to IN and OUT to OUT by mistake :slight_smile: ) and whether the cables are not faulty themselves.

Do Pisound’s MIDI activity LEDs indicate activity in both directions when establishing connection?

If you think everything is right from physical connections point, and the software configuration, I’d be useful if you could check again with Raspbian OS image whether this software still works OK, then we can try and dissect what’s the difference between the OS that causes this not to work.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Nord hardware to test this out myself, so your input is necessary to move forward. :slight_smile:

I think I might have missed something. Do I have to startup jack and MIDI after Nomad is configured? For example when the below item is executed. If so do I start it or stop it when the software is still open?

    sudo systemctl stop jack
sudo systemctl stop amidiauto
aconnect -x

You have to keep jack and amidiauto stopped while using Nomad, so they don’t attempt to access the MIDI ports you’re using with Nomad. Once you are done with Nomad, you may start the services back up again for use with other audio software.

Ok I’m doing it correctly, just wanted to make sure/verify that it wasn’t something else I was doing wrong.

Hello Giedrius,
I ran the uname -a commad and it looks like I have a different kernel version than what you have listed above. I don’t know if this the issue.

patch@patchbox:~ $ uname -a
Linux patchbox 4.19.71-v7+ #1263 SMP Thu Sep 12 16:20:44 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

I hope this helps or puts some insight in the matter. maybe I need to reinstall the OS?
Thank You,

I have additionally tested 4.19.66-v7+, it was OK, but the latest available 4.19.73-v7+ seems to have the same issue as before. I’ll get it fixed, but in the mean time you may downgrade your kernel to the version I tested to work ok by running this command:

sudo rpi-update 3750f3204096f6bb365ceaf484a496584e46782b

(the argument is a commit hash of ‘bump version’ commit on this repository)

afterwards, hopefully it should work now, after rebooting, stopping jack and amidiauto.