[Plugins] Only 73 plugins available in modep

I did a fresh install of a Pisound system and now I only see 73 plugins available in patchstorage.
I remember seeing 300+ plugins available.
Am I doing something wrong?

No, you are doing everything right. More plugins will be uploaded to Patchstorage in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can install other plugins manually. Follow the instructions provided here - [RELEASE] [BETA] MODEP Update: MOD-UI 1.12 x Patchstorage - #7 by Giedrius Read all the comments in the thread to avoid common issues. Also, check the answers here - Error when adding a CALF effect - #8 by Smanth Cheers!

After a fresh install I’m not seeing any at all

Welcome Graham!

In the previous post is a link to a thread that describes how to download the collection of LV2 plugins. As Blokas works on compiling/testing/uploading eventually these will all be in PatchStorage.

Just in case, here’s the link:


That did the trick! Thank you :slight_smile:

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More plugins have been uploaded to Patchstorage! 190 in total at this point in time. Make sure to update MODEP to the latest version - [Release] MODEP Update: MOD-UI 1.12 x Patchstorage - #43 by Pranciskus. If you don’t see some specific plugins, you can make a plugin request here - [Patchstorage] Plugin Requests. Also, you can build and upload plugins yourself following this guide - Platform: LV2 Plugins · patchstorage/patchstorage-docs Wiki · GitHub. Cheers!