Pisound Unresponsive - solid green and red LEDs

I have been using the Pisound to run a PD patch headless (via the Patchbox module settings) for an audio installation. This has been mostly succesful, but I now encounter situations where the RPi becomes unresponsive at times and needs to be restarted (both green and leds are lit up). I was wondering if there are log files that could be checked to understand what causes the situation? Many thanks for your help with this!

Hi, edit /etc/systemd/journald.conf, make sure this value is set under [Journal] section:


This should enable persistent system logs, so you can get info from previous boots after the last crash. For good measure, I create the logs directory too:

sudo mkdir /var/log/journal

Now after a fault occurs, reboot the system and run:

journalctl -b -1

To inspect the previous log. Use -2 to look into an earlier log, etc…

If possible, remotely ssh into the system and leave dmesg -w running, as you may be able to catch some useful information in the kernel log right away as the issue occurs.

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Many thanks for providing the instructions.

I followed the steps, and now encountered another crash for which I wanted to inspect the log.
However, there only seems to be log data for -1 available, when I type in -2 I receive the following message:

Data from the specified boot (-2) is not available: No such boot ID in journal

In any case, should I post the -1 in my reply or rather upload it as a text file? Please let me know which is more convenient for you.

Sure, you may attach the logs here so we can see if there’s any issues. Uploading as a text file would be the most convenient, as the contents can get long.

-2 log is 2 reboots ago, -1 is the previous session log, and 0 would be the currently running session. Just after the fault, -1 would be the most interesting log.

If the issue occurred 2 reboots ago, a restart after changing the settings was likely necessary for the changes to take effect… Forgot to mention it in the steps above. :slight_smile:

So I’ve been having this issue more often when the RPi was idling, and there were a few instances where I came back after a few hours to the RPi and both lights were on. The last time I was no longer able to reboot the device. I suspect this might have something to do with the off-spec SD card, so I bought a SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB A2 and hope this will fix the issue. In case it comes back I’ll copy the logs and post them here!

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