Pisound newbie q re Amsynth

Just got my pisound up and running the other day and am learning my way around. I’m running the xwindows interface and trying to run amsynth, but there’s no amsynth interface. My midi controller can trigger notes but I can’t see or change any parameters.

How does one either see the amsound interface via the console or remotely?


Hey, the ‘amsynth’ gets installed via MODEP, but MODEP includes only plugin version of the synth. Due to a packaging bug that we’ll fix, it also appears in the system menu, and as you noticed, has no UI.

To use it, you have to install the amsynth package, but also the MODEP version of the package must be removed, until we resolve the packaging issue:

sudo apt remove modep-lv2-amsynth     # This is only while the bug is unresolved.
sudo apt install amsynth

Do the reverse to get amsynth back to MODEP.

In the same way, Calf Plugins (packaged for MODEP) should also not appear in the system menu, it’ll get fixed too.

Thanks! Glad to know I’m not crazy! I’ll stick with Modep and keep slogging through learning it.