Pisound audacity


It seems that I can’t play sound when I have my guitar plugged into the jack. I can record into audacity but there will be no output on the computer unless I have unplugged by guitar. I am using the inbuilt stereo audio output on the rpi 3. Do i need to use the 1/4 inch jack on the pisound or should I be able to still use my rpi 3 output to monitor my guitar in audacity?



Hi, normally it’s best to use the same audio card for both input and output for best performance. It also depends on software itself what configuration it allows and what it does with the in and out signals.

In case of Audacity, if I remember right, it allows choosing individual recording and playback hardware devices. Also during recording, you have to enable input monitoring, so it’s forwarded to the output as it is being recorded.

Ok, now I have it and it shows the monitor and plays sound but it keeps playing & pausing very quickly despite no keys being pressed. Do you know what could cause this?

Hey, so you start recording, and it automatically stops soon after? Such issue was seen before, it was either caused by a bad Audacity version or bad Linux kernel version, and it sorted itself out after some time:

It may have reappeared again. Could you please post the version of Audacity you’re running and the kernel version (use uname -a command).