Particular CC event to particular Program Change Event

It’s been a little while since i setup my Midihub, so this may be obvious but:

i need midihub to listen out for a CC event on CC25 - and output a program change event.

CC25 - 33 => program change 64
CC25 - 22 => program change 65

thanks in advance for any advice for this


I have got this working:

or rather i’ve got the simpler version working where the CC25 value is the same as the desired Program Change value.

The missing step was changing the midi channel to the channel that the device required. This project is for an SL mkiii keyboard - which has only 8 patterns per session - if i want a song longer than 8 sessions - i now include a certain CC25 change in the last pattern and midihub converts it into program change then sends it back to the SL -

Ok, so I’m working through this, as I’m controlling what CC values are being sent to trigger the program change I’ve decided it’s simpler to just send the CC25 value as the desired program change and use the transform pipe to change control change to program change.

I also have a few filters, only accepting the correct midi channel & CC

I think I’m making progress, it’s a bit like working in the dark, I’m currently trying to confirm that the program change I’m sending is doing what I want it to do.

Follow up question:

now i have this working i want to be able to turn it off and on from my keyboard - can i control the bypass of a pipe with a midi event?

@Giedrius ? may I have your opinion?

Hey, sorry for not getting back to you for a while, was busy doing finishing touches for the new update: [Beta] Midihub Editor 1.12.0 & Firmware 1.12.0, which I’m sure would have been useful for you to have a few days earlier (because of the new MIDI monitor) :smiley:.

Yes, you may map the Bypass argument to a MIDI CC to enable / disable the pipes. You may map multiple Bypass params of a few pipes to a single CC knob.


Thanks, that’s cool. I appreciate you’re working hard making it all happen for us x

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