Orac as FX unit

Hi all

I finally jumped all the heard just getting Patchbox on my rPi, Running Orac and interfacing with a MEC client.

I can get my head around loading in sequencers and synths into the slots, but a couple of months ago I created a Pd granular patch and I would like to use the rPi as an outboard fx unit for it along with any other patches I might write in the future.

I have been trying to use Oracs stock fx like reverb and chorus just to see if I can get it working, but I have no idea how to run audio through the unit. I have the drum sequence coming from my PiSounds output but, if I initialize the preset and send audio to the input, I’m not getting output. Is there a module I need to load that receives audio from the input and sends it through the chain?


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yes, the router module…
for each chain it has an audio input 'gain’for left and right, you need to turn this up for each chain you want to receive audio on.

this allows you to have stereo to go to one chain,
or you can configure it to have left to go to chain 1, and right to go to chain 2 (so dual mono)

(outputs can be done similarly, so you can have stereo->stereo, 2 mono -> 2 mono, 2 mono -> stereo)

That was pretty easy! thanks, @thetechnobear .

I’m watching your " Orac : Converting patches to modules " now.

Is there a similar " Projects/Orac/Organelle/Orac/Modules" directory on the rPi I can use to edit and add my modules to?

I’m using VNC Viewer to create and edit my patches directly on the rPi.

Thanks again!!

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Places custom modules in


They need to be in a ‘category’ folder,
Eg if you create an fx modules called mydelay put in


By the way , after watching the video - check a version 2.0 module , you’ll see there are some minor differences ( it’s much simpler!) - most important one is to NOT put KontrolModule in your module.pd file.