Orac 2.0 for the Raspberry PI

ok thank you! i jump to the thead because it’sstill not totally clear to me!

Ok I’ve got cvtools installed and working with pisound. Still kinda scratching my head on how routing would be done for the left and right inputs. As one for note, one for mod. I’ll keep twiddling.

What are you trying to do precisely?

Note: The pisound hat is not dc coupled so won’t work for cv
I’m using an ES8 but any dc coulpled audio interface should work.

I swear I read it was, must be the Mandela Effect. It does seem to be working. I’m not sure how well for pitch since I have been trying out with an SQ1 by itself.

Outputs are dc coupled, input ac

The Pisound’s input is AC coupled, the output is DC coupled. However, keep in mind that audio outputs usually don’t provide the entire CV voltage range, Pisound should have 0~2.5V output range, so you’d have to additionally scale it up to 0-5V or whatever range your system uses.

Hi, i am a Beginner with Orac on RP3+ from Berlin,
so i have no Ideas anymore.
Installed Patchbox, Updates, Orac Modules on the RaspberryPi with PiSound
Can hear the Drumloop and Midi Keyb.
But in the Main.PD nothing choose the modules like in Mark‘s Videos. Only the Drumloop is playing.
I dont no whats is my mistake.
I saw all the Intruction Videos from Mark
Can anybody help?

Running Orac 2.0 in console mode - how can I find/get pd’s console log output?

Answering my own question from a tip elsewhere: journalctl -u orac

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new Orac wiki for documentation
Orac Wiki

its a little bare bones at the moment but hopefully we can flesh it out.

note: this is a community effort, so please feel free to edit/update it.


Hi @thetechnobear
I have one simple question, I couldnt get it through the Manual:
Can I use ORAC as a Audio FX Module, for example when I just want to
apply some Delay/Reverb on my Guitar which I chain through pisound?


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Yes, is the simple answer :wink:

To get audio input , turn up audio input gain on one (or more for parallel effects) of the chains in the router module.

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Hi there, really enjoying orac !!!
Wanted to expand more, but I have verry little knowledge of linux :slight_smile:

  • how can one add new modules ? Is it by transferring files ?Sorry about this question :frowning:
  • Can one use the orac modules developped for the organelle 1/M ?
    Thanks very much !

yes you can add new modules, they get placed in

generally, modules are compatible
however, some are developing modules which have graphics components which is outside of the Orac API.
I’ve always suggested that this are done in addition to parameters which would work without graphics, but this is not always done - so mileage will vary depending on modules.

Many thanks mark !

Hi @thetechnobear. I am also using orac 2 through a pisound as a guitar effects rack. I am having a problem with adding effects after I raise the gain on a chain. If I set up a parallel in, say, a1, and raise the gain, I only get a signal (stereo at that), when I raise the left gain. The right gain doesn’t really do anything. Also, and I suspect these are related problems, once I add an effect to, say, a2 (like a simple delay), I get no signal at all. I have a feeling I’m missing something very basic here, but haven’t found a similar problem referenced in the boards. Thanks in advance for any help.

If you’re not passing in a stereo signal, then you should pan it to centre in the router.
Note: a lot of the fx do not accept stereo inputs, they either sum L+R or just use left channel.

Thanks so much, Mark. I’ve tried various adjustments to pan and gain, and I’ve experimented with stereo and mono inputs and outputs. I think I have the hang of that part of things.

I’m still having an issue with setting up chains with effects. I begin the chain with a parallel router, set up the gain and get a signal, then I add an effect to the second part of the chain and there’s no signal. I’ve run through all the effects in orac with the same result.

I reinstalled the patchbox os on my raspberry Pi 3B+ with a pisound. I also updated everything on the pi from the command line. I’m plugging the guitar into the pisound and sending the out to a Zoom H5 recorder.

The router is install by default in s1 , you do not need another one, and adding another will cause issues.

Thanks very much, Mark. I will try that. Happy New Year!

Where do I find info on how to make my own patches/chains? Great instructions on installation and setup and great overview of the structure, layout, and signal flow but nowhere have I found how or where to install modules or worse, how to actually load modules into chains. I installed the web client but there’s nothing to make a new "patch where I can load modules how I see fit.

So, what’s the missing link here? How do you actually load modules into chains and set/maniuplate parameters? I feel like that was just skipped/implied in all the docs I’ve read over the last few hours.

Any help or links to docs with this information would be great!