New Tutorials & Recipes Category


We are opening a new Tutorials & Recipes category here on our Community Forum. Its main goal is to supplement our documentation page in terms of short guides and user-sourced content.

There are two main issues with our current documentation flow:

  1. We don’t know, what we don’t know, i.e. in some cases, the documentation is missing the most vital information and we just don’t have a reliable way to identify the gaps - GitHub’s issues are definitely not the best approach to find out what isn’t so clear especially for the less-technical users.
  2. It’s static and quite inconvenient to edit, so the most precious user-shared knowledge gets buried among support & help-needed questions.

All topics inside the Tutorials & Recipes category are using the wiki-type format. It means that all of us can post and modify them as we see fit. And if something isn’t clear, we can always ask in the comments section.

We will be posting more guides as we move along. Hope you will join us and share your knowledge too.

Special thanks go to @mzero who has already started documenting some delicious recipes! :slight_smile: