Modep development & update


I see that the mod duo team has just announced mod duo x for pre-orders and took a gander at the latest mod duo ui improvements. They are many and great! What is the current process for porting mod duo and now mod duo X to MODEP? How can I be of service? I am a big fan and use it many of my projects. In particular I am interested in the ability to share and download presets, as well as gaining access to the plug-in store for more presets. Is this possible to do with MODEP?



Hi, we have the MOD source code forked in these repositories:

as well as lots and lots of forked lv2 plugins which have pedalboard GUIs. Here is the MODEP image generator which puts everything together on top of Raspbian Lite:

Feel free to experiment with any mainline updates from repos in, you may create pull requests in our forked repositories with the changes to bring them more up to date, if it works stable enough.

I am not sure if plug-in store access is possible without real hardware though, there’s some bits in MOD DUO which aren’t open sourced, so accessing the store may depend on some private keys in the devices themselves, not publicly available, but feel free to dig into it. :slight_smile: