MIDIHUB Editor /doc translation - step by step HOW TO

If anybody wants in-app context help in antoher language, like me. It takes hour or so, but it’s simple and useful, instead of trying to convert to format, which can Google Docs open, translate text there and save/export back to *.html, like I did - it’s useless, bcs that crap adds ton of waste code and finally makes local hyperlinks unusable.

So, here is HOW TO:

  1. copy/backup whole original /doc folder to safe location
  2. open wanted *.html in Google Chrome
  3. click RMB → translate to your desired language, then copy all [Ctrl+A]
  4. open https://htmleditor.online/ in new tab/window, delete or select all default/previous content (pay attention to unwanted leftovers like brackets, table elemets etc. - the safe way is to delete all HTML code in image view) and to paste the translated content to preview/wysiwig window [Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V]
  5. switch to image and copy all HTML code (html, head and body tags are missing, but it causes no issues) [Ctrl+C]
  6. open wanted *.html in notepad or another text editor, select all, paste “new” code, then save [Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+S]
  7. check result in MIDIHUB editor immediately - program doesn’t need to be restarted. If your language contents some special characters, you may try to change coding.
  8. enjoy the patch creating :wink:
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I did translation to czech language, if anybody interested, let me know…