MIDIhub adds reverb on sound when use the dispatcher with Model:Cycles

I got recently the MIDIhub.
I have a problem when I use the dispatcher to play three tracks on my Model:Cycles with my MIDI keyboard.
It adds a reverb that modifies the sound (on the three tracks) a lot.
When I bypass the dispatcher, the reverb disappears, but I just can play one track with the keyboard.
I don’t think I made a bad manipulation.
What can be done to remove this reverb?
I attach a screenshot of my preset.MIDIHUB

What device is actually producing the reverb? Is it Model:Cycles itself?

Midihub simply changes the channel on each passing note, first to ch. 3, the 2nd to ch. 4, the 3rd note to ch. 5, and then rotates, looking for empty channel. In case no empty slot is available, it turns off the oldest note played and reuses the slot for the new note.

This action shouldn’t in any way control reverb anywhere. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply !
The Model:Cycles isn’t producing the reverb.
I think this reverb effect is the addition of the three notes releases. Finally, it’s the effect of polyphony on the sound, and that’s modifies the sounds. :slight_smile:

Happy end of the year and best regards !