Midi Electronic Drums?

I am looking for suggestions on how to get some electronic drum plugins. The drums I see in Modep are all along “rock” drums or traditional drums. I am looking for some fat bass beats I can use with my drum pads on my MPK Mini Midi Keyboard.

I have Sooper Looper setup with a Boxx FCB1010 foot pedal, a mic and now I am looking for some nice thick percussive beats/samples.

Any suggestions?

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From my understanding Orac does ship with Patchbox OS now and I was able to load the module but am stuck on what to do next, I heard mention of a remote interface but details elude me. Can I use Orac with Modep at the same time if I can get Orac working?

You have to activate ORAC through the modules menu and make MODEP run manually, as shown here: Modep + PureData - #2 by Giedrius

Thanks, so promising!

And is there a way to pipe the Orac output back into the Modep chain so Sooper Looper can use it too? I feel like the screenshots of Patchage suggest this might be possible with Jack.

I am very interested in how this turned out for you @ElijahLynn

I’m looking to do something quite similar: Custom Sword Samples for Electronic Drum Midi Controller

How is Orac turning out for you?!

I haven’t gotten it working yet. I’ve been focused a lot of my spare time on learning how to loop and also dealing with intermittent crashes in MODEP crashes when using Sooper Looper and/or MIDI. This all came about while learning how to loop, and now I want to use MIDI instruments as part of the Sooper Looper.

I’ll post more when I tackle it again!

I am hoping with Jack I can somehow re-route Orac back into MODEP straight into Sooper Looper. I can envision something like a Jack input within MODEP (on the left side where the cables come out of) that can route into Sooper Looper.