Have any Canadian deliveries arrived?

I have received my tracking number, etc a while back, but no package in the mail. Has anyone in Canada received theirs yet? Is Canada post being slow again?

Hi, Jason!

Sorry to hear this. We will reach out to all of our customers from Canada regarding this.
It’s unfortunate that Canada post does not support EU tracking numbers.

In one way or another, we will sort this out.
Thanks for your patience.


Thank you. This is much appreciated.

Canada Post has been known to be very slow releasing packages through customs for many countries. I fully expect that it will arrive, and just stuck in the mail.

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I just received it today. Actually, they tried to deliver it yesterday but I wasn’t home. I’m in Montreal by the way.


Thanks for replying Ghislain, that is good news. I’m all the way over in Victoria, so another week should do it.

I am based in New Zealand, probably as far away as Canada from Lithuania and mine arrived last Friday. Yours will come, too, sure!

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It has been 16 days since central Canada had it delivered and I’ve yet to see anything, Pranciskus would mind trying to follow up with Canada Post?


It arrived yesterday :slight_smile:


Finally! Great to hear that and have fun!