Extra Transform options (NRPN/SysEx)?

Would be really great to be able to transform CC to NRPN or SysEx commands.

NRPN might not be too much of a departure from the existing Transform pipe functionality but since it requires MSB and LSB to be defined maybe it would need a new pipe.

SysEx can get really complicated, for example some of the old Yamaha FM synth parameters are quite wild. Often multiple parameters are combined with bitwise operations and then sent as MSB/LSB. The configuration options for this might be too difficult to implement in a user friendly way, though it would be so useful and unique!

Hey, we’ll likely add the NRPN transforms in future software releases for Midihub.

The SysEx is definitely tricky to do in a generic and easy to use way. Could you elaborate what operations would you like to perform with example input and output messages?

For synths like Yamaha DX7, I’m considering adding a special ‘interface’ pipe to which one could MIDI map CCs to its parameters that would then get translated into the required SysEx messages for the synth.

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there are two ways mainly that I’d like it implemented:
cc to nrpn (I’d be controlling dave smith’s tetra)
and cc to MSB-LSB distinct values (for nord drum pitch parameters)
OSC would be amazing too :wink: