Error code 4 flashing firmware, never updated before


I recently downloaded the editor. I have never updated the firmware on the unit. When the firmware update says it is required, I click Yes, and then power off the box, hold button and power on. All lights illuminate I’m assuming to indicate boot loader mode, but the program on the PC times out. It never detects the unit in bootloader mode.

Is there an intermediate firmware version I need to move to first? Please help.

When you click yes, it should do the firmware upgrade automatically, you shouldn’t have to manually enter the bootloader mode - this is the old way of doing the upgrades, now it’s only necessary if there’s some issues.

When you turn the unit on normally, does it start up into the normal mode? If yes, just start the firmware upgrade process and wait for it to finish.

What is the OS you are using?

Just clicking ‘yes’ did not work. The box just sits there, nothing happens and it times out waiting for the bootloader mode.

To be clear, I have NEVER updated the firmware on this box, so it’s running whatever it shipped with. I cannot figure out how to upgrade the firmware from here.

The unit starts up fine and normal and functions normal. It also appears to be able to boot into the bootloader as all the lights come on when I hold the button and start it. In EITHER condition, it will not accept the firmware update.

I am running windows 10 pro.

Please start Midihub in bootloader mode, and check the Device Manager - do you see Midihub listed under Ports (COM & LPT) ?

Yes, it is detected as COM4.

Can the editor connect to it while the Midihub is started in bootloader mode? The editor should appear like this while connected to Midihub in this state:

Note the greyed out center area, and the bottom right says that Midihub is in firmware upgrade mode.

If it doesn’t connect, are there anything unusual in the Device Manager’s display of the Midihub COM port? Is there any error reported there?

When I start up the editor, it apparently connects because it immediately tells me that I need to update the firmware. It then proceeds to start the firmware update process but times out. No errors that I see reported.

Could you try connecting from the Editor to Midihub while it is in bootloader mode (all LEDs on)? To get into the bootloader mode, hold the button while powering on the Midihub.

Yes, I tried that when it couldn’t find it the first time. When the box is in bootloader mode, the editor does not find it. When I enter the editor it says ‘Midihub not connected’ at the bottom, 0/255 pipes. When I click Connect it looks for devices but does not find them. At the same time in the device manager, I am seeing the Midihub as COM4.

Does it get the same number (COM4) in both modes?

Yes, it seems to always be COM4.

I sent a PM with details on what further information to provide to us to help us figure out what goes wrong. :slight_smile:

Fixed in Editor version 1.12.2

Still broken in 1.12.2

Your case is very likely different than this one, please create a new topic with all the details, including the full error message, the OS you’re using.