[Download] Midihub Editor 1.13.4 & Firmware 1.13.2

Hey guys, here’s a minor update for Midihub, focusing mostly on fixing recently discovered issues.

Please make sure to first update the Editor, then the Firmware. :slight_smile:


1.13.4 Editor Changelog:

  • Added ‘Transpose C to Base’ parameter to Scale Remap.
  • Fixed connecting to Midihub on macOS when there’s multiple Midihubs connected and Editor instances running.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred on Windows and Linux when inserting/appending presets from files & Patchstorage.com.
  • Fixed parsing of single integer number in Scala files.
  • Fixed Pitch Bend decoding in the MIDI Monitor pane.
  • Fixed a case when error messages won’t stop popping up after a failed firmware update.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after firmware update.

1.13.2 Firmware Changelog:

  • Fixed Sustain pipe when it’s placed before a Virtual Output.
  • Fixed setting Micro Scale’s ‘Base Note’ parameter always incorrectly resetting ‘Always Send Pitch Bend’ parameter.
  • Added an option not to transpose notes to base in Scale Remap pipe.

Macosx all good, download, installed…
Thanks :wink:


I am using the new editor, works on Windows and Mac. I cannot upgrade the firmware, I get an error “Failed upgrading preset format, Error code: 14”. I am on firmware version 1.13.1.

As of yesterday I am a proud midihub owner! :grinning:
I’m a Linux user and the AppImage works perfectly.

One thing I can’t figure out, is why the ARP only transmits note off on the outgoing port, and no note on. Note on is neatly registered on the incoming messages, but outgoing remains blank.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a known bug?

Edit Oh, the repeater too. Same problem…

Hi @Gert , welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

These pipes require sync messages to do their work, you can either have some master device produce the clock, or do it within Midihub itself, like shown here:

Hi @Giedrius,

Thanks for you answer. Well, that kinda makes sense. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thank you also for providing the example. Now I have a better idea of where to place that block.

And I can confirm, with clock, it works perfectly fine.

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Does someone else have issues with pasting text into the description field? The option is there, when right-clicking into the field(in the edit tab), but nothing is pastet when using it. Nothing tragic, no fix needed for me, but I thought I let you know.

Greetz, Robert

What length text are you pasting? It could be it’s too long, and the entire operation is discarded.

Which OS are you using?

Thanks Giedrius,
It was the length, my bad, should have tried shorter text… :wink:
What is the limit here?

The limit is 1024 bytes (UTF-8 encoding).

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Hy i cant install offline. Flash Firmware is not highligted what am i doing wrong?

What is the firmware version your Midihub has? The Update message that pops up should mention it when attempting to connect, or if connected, it should be shown at the bottom right of the editor.