[Download] Midihub Editor 1.13.3 & Firmware 1.13.1

Hello, just in time before the holidays, here’s a nice release for Midihub, introducing port naming, as well as a couple of improvements & fixes to Transform, LFO, Arp, and Sustain pipes!

Please make sure to first update the Editor, then the Firmware. :slight_smile:


1.13.3 Editor Changelog:

  • Fixed preset format upgrading during firmware upgrade process.
  • Fixed automatic firmware upgrade on connect for older Midihub firmware versions.
  • Added missing doc on Port Naming (affected macOS and Linux builds)

1.13.2 Editor Changelog:

  • Export as CSV function added to Event Monitor’s Settings menu.
  • Changed ‘Current Preset’ and ‘Previewed Preset’ to ‘Main Preset’ and ‘Incoming Preset’ in Merge Names dialog.

1.13.1 Editor Changelog:

  • Fixed crash when dragging in / inspecting any of Remap pipe types.
  • Detect properties panel column width issue on macOS and sort it out on Editor restart.

1.13.0 Editor Changelog:

  • Midihub’s ports can now be named in Preset and Device submenus.
  • Midihub’s port names can be imported and merged from .mhp files.
  • Show note integer value in tooltip of note properties.
  • Duplicate Pipeline With Mappings right click menu option added.
  • Fixed memory contents exporting.

1.13.1 Firmware Changelog:

  • Limit the velocity to use from Channel Pressure and Poly Aftertouch message to 1 or higher for Note Repeater and Arpeggiator pipes.
  • Restart Arpgeggiator sequences from the beginning when all notes are released.

1.13.0 Firmware Changelog:

  • LFO One Shot mode added.
  • Transform pipe extended with Channel, Data Range properties.
  • Transform pipe now has “Note On & Off” what/into parameters value, so a single Transform can be used to convert Note On and Note Off messages appropriately.
  • Transform pipe can now transform between more MIDI message types.
  • Fixed dropping of duplicate note off messages.
  • Fixed Sync Delay pipe when the Delay By argument is negative.
  • Sustain pipe implementation improved to keep notes that are still held playing when Sustain is turned off.
  • Arpeggiator Up and Down and Down and Up modes fixed to not repeat the first note of the sequence.

Thanks for this guys! Happy Holidays!


Nice! Thank you!
I think I have a small bug that needs to be squashed: selecting the CC-Remap pipe on MacOS (Monterey 12.1), results in crashing the app. This happens also with a new file.

Happy holidays to you too!


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Thank You Giedrius! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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@Giedrius this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to give it a try :+1:

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in the editor, when i touch CH REMAP it crashes. The hardware still functions fine, mapping and all.

earlier I had an error on firmware upgrade but I had backed everything up. It was stuck at 99%, came back complete but missing some of the mappings.

is it just me? can someone try dragging in a CH REMAP pipe to a random patch in 1.13.0?


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I can confirm this crashes mine as well.

I can also add that I did have a custom fw sent to me earlier, so I couldn’t update to 1.13 in the new editor, so I had to install the older editor and flash my midihub in that.
That did cause mine to lose all the settings stored though, but fortunately i had an export before I tried the update, so I’m good.
Just a heads up to anyone updating…export settings first.

But yes. CH REMAP crashes mine as well.

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Exactly the same here using macOS 12.1.0 and the new editor and firmware.

I saved the full crash report, if needed.

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Indeed the crash is there, thank you for reporting it, and sorry about that… It happens on all platforms. We’ll release a hotfix next week. :slight_smile:


Port naming - yes!


Ok, 1.13.1 builds are uploaded, the crash should be fixed now.


Thank you! Thank you for fixing it so quickly!

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I just installed Editor/Firmware and I’m just plain excited! Port naming is such a great new feature! It’s making better understandable what yesterday-me trying to do with certain routings :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks Blokaslabs for continuously improving this ingenious device :+1:


Great work Giedrius!
Those new features are truly great. Everything’s working like a charm.


The Windows editor version is now digitally signed. (the link remains the same) We’ve started using a new certificate provider since this release, apparently some AV software seems to find the sudden change suspicious and may require us to whitelist the new certificate with them directly, so if you’re having any difficulties due to AV software, please report to us and let us know what AV software you’re using.

Have been using this for a bit now, and on the first buggy editor I actually got some issues with one of my synths, as it seemed like it was receiving midi CC it shouldn’t be receiving, so it feels like the first version of the 1.13.0b editor probably injected some uhh…spice in how it worked.
However after the fix 1.13.1 everything runs perfectly. I do run quite a complex setup with 2 midihubs, and it all works perfectly so far.
I do a lot of changing ch remapping with cc, bypassing blocks with cc etc, and a whole lot of routing, and it holds up well.

I didn’t venture into port naming yet though, but that hopefully works just as expected. Will come back if I notice anything wonky.

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Oh, that’s good. I have the same problem with MegaFM that goes a bit bonkers and seem to receive more than just notes that I restricted it to. I will try and see if this magically resolves it.

Hmm, the changes between 1.13.0 and 1.13.1 shouldn’t have any impact on the issue you observed. Maybe somewhere within the preset was data unexpectedly passing through or something?

Anyway, let us know if you see it again and share your findings about it. :slight_smile:

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Before upgrading i exported my setup from both my midihubs, and imported them into my upgraded 1.13, and without changing anything, the synth (UDO Super 6) was “dead” when i power cycled it the next time. I figured out the midi in was causing it, and tried restoring 1 of my midihubs to the 1.12.x firmware, and that didn’t help…but after restoring the 2nd midihub back to 1.12 everything was fine again.

Neither time had I made a change to any of my presets. The only difference was 1.13 upgrade…and now the updated editor fixed said problem.
No idea what or how, as I didn’t take the time to analyze midi in 1.13, as I just wanted my synth back working normally again, but the editor for sure fixed it.
It’s a curious issue, and it is probably not super difficult to reproduce, but right now I am not tempted to roll back again :smiley:


Would have been interesting to see the midi monitor before and after. But when it works it works and that’s great!

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