[Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.3 & Firmware 1.11.5

This update focuses on fixing firmware flashing issues reported here and has the Transform pipe reworked to fix Channel Pressure transform, add event ordering control, and even more flexibility in what can get transformed into what and how. :slight_smile:

Also 2 new examples were added, ‘ProgramChange to Stop ProgramChange Start’ and ‘ProgramChange to Multiple Ordered Events’. They both achieve the same thing, but the latter uses a Delay and Dispatcher pipes to turn one event to be handled in multiple ways, I’m sure you will be able to figure out some useful applications for such technique. :slight_smile:

1.11.3 Editor Downloads

1.11.5 Firmware Download

Detailed Changelog

  • Transform pipe reworked, giving control over both data bytes for 3 byte messages, as well as data ordering control. Poly Aftertouch messages can now be transformed as well.
  • Allow setting Delay time to 0, so Note On and Off events get produced immediately.
  • Firmware flashing stability improved.
  • More detailed message during flashing in case an error occurs.
  • Duplicate note on and note off events for the same note number will get dropped at the outputs.

Firmware Upgrade Guide

See here: [Download] Midihub Firmware 1.11.4, but we recommend updating the editor first, due to flashing improvements. :slight_smile:


Thanks ! all went smooth :wink:

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i updated the editor 1st, but then on booting up the editor it does not want to talk to the Midihub as it’s expecting the newer firmware - i guess i did it in the wrong order…

OK - i missed a step - all good now - i do appreciate how responsive you guys @ blokas are to suggestions x

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note velocity disappeared in the transform node! What, why ?

Yeah, I guess you had to hold the button down while powering on. :slight_smile: We’ll streamline the upgrade process in the next bigger update.

It’s still there, I intended this to be the default config when placing a transform pipe, but looks like the default params got mixed up a bit :slight_smile: The parameters should look like this:


Data Source 1 selects the data source for the first Control Change data byte, it’s the ID of the CC, so in the example, it’d be equal to Argument 1, which is 3. Data Source 2 does the same for the 2nd data byte, the CC value. If it’s set to ‘Data 2’, it uses the 2nd byte of Note On message (velocity).

This restructuring gives much more control over both bytes for 3 byte messages. For converting to 2 bytes messages, only Data Source 1 is relevant.

In the next update we’ll add context dependent property names for these values, so it’ll be quite obvious what should be used. :slight_smile: Just ran out of time this time, we did promise to release the update on Friday.


Is it expected that my Editor software doesn’t recognize there’s a new version out? I’m in 1.11.2. Just curious if I should keep checking back here periodically rather than relying on the software to notify me with its feature that automatically checks for updates.

We give a short head start for the new version in the community before providing the new version through the update check system, in case any early critical issues get detected. So far so good, so soon we’ll push it out through the update check. :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s good to hear. It’s clear you folks are very thoughtful with this product. I just got my unit and love it so far. I really admire how much support you provide and the effort you all put into continuing to improve the Midihub. It’s truly rare these days, so thank you!


When I transform a cc message to note on or note off , it stops working after about 9 events. If I were to change it to any other message It works as expected.

This happens because duplicate Note On events (without respective Note Off event) are silently dropped, so you must make sure to get the correct Note Off events to be produced too.

There’s one issue in the ‘Replace’ mode where Note Off messages are dropped incorrectly though, so if you use this mode, even producing the correct Note Offs won’t work until we release a fix in the firmware. :slight_smile:

I absolutely adore these people because od their passion for the job and new frontiers in music in general. I hope forum finds the help you need.


Hey, just wanna report that editor 1.11.3 solved the problem with time out error on firmware update successfully! I am on PC…