Creating instrument presets in Midihub


I have NTS-1 which is great synth, but not allow to store any presets. Everything may be set via midi so I would create few presets in miduhub. It’s enough to send coulpe of CCs to NTS. But to use it, i need send it first by selecting preset as input. I think about knob (1-127) and according to change, it will send set of CCs to NTS once. When i change knob position from 1 to 2, it should send another set of CCs to NTS-1. Could you help me in general, how to do that?

Sorry if my question is basic, but I’m beginner about Midihub.

Hi again, @Bloked !

Try playing around with a string of Transform pipes:

  1. drag a Transform into a line
  2. keep it Insert After
  3. set it to only respond to 1 CC# and 1 value [1],
  4. Set CC Number to and Set Value to specific values (in Argument 1 & Argument 2
  5. then alt-drag to make a copy for the next CC# and value output you want
    (saves a bit a setting up time!)

This will send out a batch of CCs for each new input CC value.[2]

Of course you will want another batch for each setting/input value.
There are a few ways of doing this.
How many presets will you want to set up initially?

[1] take a look at a tutorial I’ve just started on Transform; in it I try to give an idea of the flexibility you have when setting ranges

[2] using one input event to trigger a batch of output CCs is widely used.
The Volca Drum Velocity Mapper patch is an extreme example. Maybe worth taking a quick glance just cos it shows a line of Transform pipes for each input.
(If someone has a better, simpler example maybe they’ll post it up)

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