Counter Module with Trigger Action

I was thinking about this the other day while working in VCV Rack. I feel like a Counter module that would trigger a note would be useful, either for triggering other events by using additional modules, or to create more complex melodies and rhythms. The parameters would be as follows:

Input Type
The module would accept either clock messages, gate/trigger messages (any note), or specific note messages (that is, one specific key).

Count Number
You would then enter the number to count to.

Trigger Action
After the Counter reaches the number you determine, you can select what note is output, with parameters for specific note and gate length. This trigger could then be converted to any number of events with the Transform module, Harmonizer module, etc.

Clock Thru & Note Thru
These parameters would determine if the clock and note messages entering the Counter module are allowed to pass through to the next module. This would allow you to chain multiple Counter modules to create complex rhythmic and melodic patterns and function as a pseudo-sequencer, or as a way to add variety to a repeater, arp, or other message types without relying on just random messages. It would also mean you can filter those other messages out without relying on an additional module if you just want to send the specific Trigger Action through the pipe.

I think this is a great idea :slight_smile:

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