Convert CC to NRPN

Check this out:

CC To NRPN.mhp (2.2 KB)

You’ll have to use two knobs - one for MSB, the other for LSB values, and do 2 mappings, see the attached preset’s descriptions for instructions.

Please adjust the NRPN parameter number in 2nd and 3rd Transform pipes, as described in the description, to something your synths support. :slight_smile:

Give it a try and let me know whether it’s convenient to control the high resolution parameters using 2 regular knobs. :slight_smile:


Thanks a ton for sharing this! I’m trying to change the Prophet REV2 LFO 1 shape with a button on my KeyLab 88. On the REV2 panel there’s one button to cycle through the 5 possible LFO shapes. I’m performing a piece where I need to change directly to particular shapes without a different shape in between. On the REV2 panel for instance I would need to go though Saw and Rev Saw to get from Triangle to Square.

On the KeyLab the buttons have a switched control that sends a programmable CC value for on/off when set to a toggle, or in the gate mode it will send one value while pressed and another that could be filtered out with the Midihub when released.

Could I do this with two pipes similar to what’s in “CC to NRPN.mhp”? To change the LFO 1 shape on the REV2 MSB is 0, LSB is 38 and the possible values are course 0, and fine 0-4. So if I was transforming CC 57 for example to change the shape to Triangle (0). What would need to go into the pipes to make that happen?

BTW: I don’t see any notes in the description fields in “CC to NRPN.mhp”, so maybe they got lost?



There’s 2 versions of the file, use the one from my latest post:

It loads alright for me. :slight_smile:

For your use case, try this:

Prohpet Rev 2 LFO Shape.mhp (131 Bytes)

It takes CC# 57 and converts 0-127 to 0-4 values. (or remove the Rescale pipe, and send CC values 0-4 :))

If possible, configure your controller to send particular CC value to select the desired shape.

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

Amazing! That does work perfectly for my application. I just removed the rescale pipe and the buttons send the 0-4 values. Thank you very much! There’s really not much that Midihub can’t do. What an amazing tool. All the best!