Blokas Reads Interviews!

This topic is dedicated to the heads-up of the newly published Blokas Reads interviews with our community members! :raised_hands:
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The first Blokas Reads interview with Colin, an avid Midihub user and the mastermind behind brother vs robot - an electronic music project focused on few-gadget jams - is out! :fire:

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New Blokas Reads interview is out now! :tada:

This time, the spotlight is on [iom!] fanzine – educational music project that uses rhythmical experiments to teach about Pure Data! Paola and Isaac, Pisound users and the minds behind [iom!], talk about their project’s goals, teaching process and solve the mystery of its intriguing name! :hugs:

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Some incredible tracks come to life when jazz meets new technology! :star_struck:

The solid proof is JJMF - the music project by saxophonist Joey Johnson. In this Blokas Reads interview with Joey, we talked about his inspirations, why most of his equipment is DIY and how Pisound contributes to his sound. :saxophone:

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