[Beta] Midihub 1.14.0 - Virtual Mappings & Much Much More

Major Additions

For complete list of changes see the Detailed Changelog section below.

Virtual Mappings and Mapping Editing

Virtual output ports can now be used for virtual mappings, allowing for internal control over pipe’s parameters, without a physical loopback! MIDI mappings can also now be entered and editing manually via an Add/Edit dialog. This also allows mappings to be created when Midihub is offline.

Device Naming and USB Strings

Midihub’s USB Device name reported to the OS can now be set in Device → Settings. As some applications (e.g. MIDI Patchbay on macOS) may lose or not recognize configurations after device name changes, it is important to make note of or backup important set-ups before making name changes. On macOS you may have to remove the Midihub device from the Audio MIDI Setup app before the new name gets used.

Midihub will now report the USB port names set in the Default Port Names via USB to the host OS. At this time no OS is currently requesting the port names, but we hope to see that in the future.

14-bit LFO and S&H Waveform

LFOs can now output 14-bit values (MSB produced at CC id set in params, LSB at CC id + 32).

In addition to that, LFOs can now use Sample & Hold waveform - either using internal noise for sampling, or the incoming CC value (which, from among other things, can come from another LFO placed before it).

Dispatcher Algorithms

The Dispatcher pipe got some nice new algorithms, allowing for some new creative uses:

  • Round Robin - the classic algorithm used by earlier versions.
  • Random - a random free channel gets picked.
  • Ping Pong - picks free channels in sequence going up and down the channel numbers.
  • Chord - resets the initial channel to the first one every time all the notes are released.
  • Chord Asc. - waits for Grace Period for all the notes, then produces them sorted from lowest to highest.
  • Chord Desc. - same as above, except sorted from highest note to the lowest.

Also there’s a new Surplus Ch. parameter which can be used to send the notes which didn’t find a free slot to a dedicated channel.

Arpeggiator’s New Algorithms

Arpeggiator got two new algorithms - Entirely Up then Down and Entirely Down then Up - it’s simillar to Up and Down and Down and Up, except instead of repeating every octave, it goes through the set Octave Range all the way in its entirety and only then switches the direction.

Transform Improved

The Transform Pipe can now use the MIDI message’s Channel when processing, making it even more flexible.

Additionally, Transform Pipe now has a ‘Drop’ mode which enables using it as a specific Filter.

Dotted Times

All pipes that could be synced to tempo have received dotted time sync options.

Harmonizer Improved

The Harmonizer now has Play Root Note?, controlling whether to play a default +0 note, as well as Inversion parameter, allowing for easy chord inversion.

Sustain’s New Mode

Sustain Pipe got a new Sostenuto mode which holds only the notes that were playing at the time the Pedal On parameter was turned on.

UI Improvements

Dragging an existing pipe with mappings while holding down Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift will copy the mappings too. Dragging a leftmost pipe with Ctrl or Alt down will copy the entire pipeline, if Shift is held additionally, it will copy the mappings too.

Improved Drag & Drop operations in between multiple Editor’s instances.

Added Enable All, Disable All and Inverse options for all of the pipes with many checkboxes in their properties (like the ones to select channels to use).

Advanced USB Options

For Windows users with multiple Midihubs, some special options were added to allow overriding the USB VID and PID pair used by the Midihub device, to workaround a known Windows OS driver issue where it sets the same device name to all the connected Midihubs.

Detailed Changelog

  • Virtual output pipes can now be used for modified internal MIDI mappings.
  • Manual adding and editing of MIDI mappings for pipe parameters.
  • Transform pipe’s output message’s channel handling made more flexible.
  • Added ‘dotted’ sync times for LFO, Delay, Note Repeater, Arpeggiator and Fixed Note Length pipes.
  • 2 new Arpeggiator algorithms: ‘Entirely Up Then Down’ and ‘Entirely Down Then Up’.
  • Chord Grace Period argument added to Dispatcher.
  • Sostenuto mode added to Sustain pipe.
  • Added ‘Play Root Note?’ and ‘Inversion’ parameters to Harmonizer.
  • Midihub can now be named in Device → Settings menu.
  • Added USB Overrides in the Settings menu, meant for Windows OS users with multiple Midihubs.
  • Fixed exclusive access to Midihub’s serial port on Linux.
  • Copy MIDI mappings along with pipe when dragged and dropped with Alt/Ctrl + Shift.
  • Dragging a Pipe outside of the main area will not get deleted if Alt or Ctrl is held, allowing dragging of pipes between Editor instances.
  • Added Enable All, Disable All and Inverse options for all of the pipes with many checkboxes in their properties.
  • MIDI monitor pane fixes when monitoring single byte MIDI messages.
  • Patchstorage browser performance improved.
  • Use mapped MIDI events on Virtual output ports for virtual mapping processing.
  • Linear remap/rescale algorithm improved for pipes using ‘In Low’, ‘In High’, ‘Out Low’, ‘Out High’ parameters.
  • Fixed Arpeggiator’s Up And Down and Down And Up algorithms skipping the base note when going to another octave.
  • Drop mode added for Transform.
  • Channel data now available as Value for Byte 1/2.
  • Fix for LFO phase.
  • 14-bit LFO mode.
  • Sample & Hold LFO waveform.
  • Algorithms and Surplus Channel parameters added to Dispatcher Pipe.
  • Send Default Port Names of USB ports to the USB host.
  • Virtual port processing fixes.

And a little basic example of a Virtual Mapping:

Hello Virtual Mappings.mhp (565 Bytes)


This is huge! Congratulations to the team! S&H, Dispatcher, Virtual mapping… Insane update oh my!


Amazing stuff, thanks! Internal loopback is a great feature on its own, not to mention all the other updates.


I don’t own a Midihub and I’m excited for this release! Good work team!


In-freaking-credible. The dispatcher and the virtual mapping will push Midihub to a creative realm no-one could even dare to imagine.

Big thanks Giedrius and Resonotter for the big brained hard work put in to put out this marvelous update to the world!!!


• Dotted delay times - SO useful and even more exciting to have them available for arps etc too! These on delays in combination with arps in ‘straight’ timings will be phenomenal.

• New U&D arp modes!! This was a personal request and I can’t believe how quickly it’s been addressed, thank you so much. Incredible user support.

• S&H LFO modes - Yay!!



Fixed Arpeggiator’s Up And Down and Down And Up algorithms skipping the base note when going to another octave…

…came from you, I think.

It would be really useful if you could put S&H through its paces; I think I still need to get my head around its full scope


Oh wow I just read the S&H description in the pipe - it’s a proper sample and hold!! This is very exciting. The fact that it defaults to ‘standard’ S&H noise>Random stepped values is great of course, but also if you feed it other waves (and LFO for example) either in or out of phase with the S&H frequency you can get some great generative results. I always remember the S&H on the Octave Kitten 2 being able to do some interesting stuff of this sort, and of course modular/semi-modulars like the MS20 etc can do the same. Very cool to have this in MIDI form.

I’ll do my best to give these some usage over the weekend and feed back thoughts. In the studio tomorrow in fact so will attempt to get it running! Cheers guys - very appreciated :slight_smile:


See? you are just the person to be testing this out! ~ @Giedrius tried several explanations before the penny dropped that I was limited to the latter notion…

If you run into any problems all good for 1.14.1, if not, post up your coolest patch so I can start to realise it’s full potential!


Thank you so so much for the dispatcher chord modes and surplus channel. Going to try these out tonight to reassign the six notes on the Nord Drum 3P with a keyboard which was so hard with the last dispatcher.

Amazing work on all of this.


Really looking forward to trying all this out. Many thanks for all the hard work


Virtual Mappings alone are a HUGE DEAL! Thank you so much! Other improvements are also fantastic, e.g. lack of manual MIDI mapping was driving me crazy, especially when using a physical loopback.


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Exactly what I was missing recently, amazing. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for an early Christmas gift! I am very excited and pleased with the new functionality, especially the virtual loopback and editing mapping. This has enabled me to create functionality I’ve been wanting for a long time (switching MIDI channels of my piano with the top keys). :blush::partying_face::raised_hands:t4:


Totally fantastic. Specs look incredible. Can’t wait to play with it over Xmas. So much new stuff to unpack.

Cheers, happy holidays y’all


Loving the new S&H waveform for the LFO, been hoping for that for a while!
Would love if we could get a dedicated midi channel parameter for the LFO pipe and still hoping for a slewed or interpolated random waveform for the LFO. That would really make this the perfect midi hub for me!