[Beta] Midihub 1.14.0 - Small Issues

Very small issue: I would say that the last step in the Scale Remap Pipe (SC) does not work anymore.
(It´s the step after VII, unfortunately I can´t find the type on my keyboard for correct description)

Please provide your preset, some sample input to SC Remap, 1.14.0 output and the expected output.

I got a problem, and I’m not sure that this is a bug of the current version, or midihub at all. Briefly, I want to send midi stream from A USB out to Digitakt USB in, and from B USB out to a USB in of a software instrument. And, unfortunately, when one of my USB ins is actively receiving the stream, the other one can’t pick up the connection. So, when I have connected software instrument or Digitakt (overbridge mode, of course) to midihub A USB out, the other gear was not able to connect to any midihub’s USB out ports. I tried several times. If I want to switch the device, which recieves midi over USB port, I have to restart the midihub. My MIDI in of Digitakt is occupied, so no work around this problem by splitting streams into A USB out and A MIDI out. In principle I could run my Matlab virtual midi host to rewire it that way, but it’s quite demanding. Could you please help?

What is the OS you’re using and what are the device connections with one another?

Windows 11, Digitakt USB MIDI input (Overbridge), Opsix native USB MIDI input, Reaper USB MIDI input, Midinous USB MIDI input. Latest version of the midihub. Latest versions of all software mentioned. I will check all of them pair by pair, to see if problem lies in the Overbridge specifically.
So, it’s not supposed to be like this?

SC Pipe seems to work for me right now, sorry for irritations.
But for the new layout of the Transform pipe I must say that I nearlly like to go back to 1.13…4.
Unfortunately I don´t know how to downgrade the firmware back.

Issues with the Transform pipe: Everything has changed in my patches, beginning at Outside/Inside Velocity and also Note Number values, then Replace is now sometimes Drop (which I really don´t know what this is for) sometimes any other from the dropdown, same with channels and so on.

So I really like to go back to a workin state on 1.13.4 and hope to transport my patches to the new beta step by step once I can see what I did on my old patches. Can´t comprehend at the moment what I did before.
Don´t get me wrong: I like your work on the Midihub but this time it was not good for me updating

Hey Eddie, I got a bit of time tomorrow and I’ve got one Midihub that I left set up on 1.13.4 so that I could compare with new 1.14 Alpha version Giedrius sent me.

Would you send me a few 1.13 presets that were working and I’ll test them side by side on both Midihub versions?

(I did some testing of Transform from recent past and the ones I chose did update quite gracefully so I’m intrigued to see what doesn’t)

PM me if you prefer.

As I understand it, Drop was included because a number of users had pipelines where certain messages just need turning into Null. In 1.13.4 this was commonly done by Transforming into Active Sensing, so Drop just made this explicitly available.

One can think of it like a very fine-tuned filter.

On downgrade, I did do it a couple of times. If I get time I’ll refresh my memory on it

Hi, thx for your answer: I have pulled out some pipes of my setup which has the right structure but does not work anymore (I think because the new firmware on MH)
The first controls the NDLR on CC 73 what changes chromatic notes from keyboard into circle of fifths.
Second controls the NDLR on CC 74 for one keyboard note to change the scale of NDLR.
Third makes simply a PGM CHG on CH7 of a synth to make this PGM CHG on 8 and 9 as well.
Midihub 2023.12.10 01.16.03 (Preset 7).mhp (1.4 KB)

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Hey, Eddy, just had a quick compare without any testing (it’s 4am here so I’ll do that later)

Here’s a side-by-side of your 4 key Transforms

As you can see, FW 1.13.2 is under FW 1.14.0
At first glance, they look like faithful translations to my eyes, but will test later.

Looking at the 1st 6 digits of the binary, it reads B L K M 1 8 so I’m assuming this patch hasn’t been re-saved in new Editor (those read B L K M 1 17 AFAIK)

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Big THX for your help. I reiported my backup a second time. This time it took significantly longer and everything seems to work now.

PS One thing I still miss is copy&paste a single pipe from preset to preset…

You’re back on FW1.13.2 again now?
(I had to do a few restarts on my old Mac so I was hesitant to take you thro’ it!)

So, are you confirming that those 3 pipelines work on old FW but not new?

(In a couple of hours I’m going set up double test to see if I can reproduce)

Even better: It works all on 1.14. now :star_struck:

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Just to confirm:
you’re now on Editor 1.14.0 and FW 1.14.0 and everything works as should?

FW is in the bottom right corner of editor I guess and yes everything works


So, back to the future!

btw, Eddy, drag & drop pipes/lines we discussed here is now nicer too

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Windows is known to exclusively allow only a single program to have a USB MIDI port ‘opened’ at a time. You may actually use Midihub to duplicate USB data to other USB MIDI ports of its own, and give those to different programs, but if you can manage to do it using some virtual MIDI driver, even better.

MIDI Monitor timer not starting

I don’t know whether this is/can be a =1.14 issue; I’ve just never noticed it before Alpha/Beta:

  • On selecting a new pipe and testing some input, the Incoming/Outgoing etc show as expected but the Timestamp sticks on 00:00.000

  • Think it’s happened a few times now but not in replicable way.

  • If/when it happens again, I’ll try to note what I was doing prior and take a screenshot

Anyone else noticed this?

other little display glitches:

Wrong properties for pipe showing
Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 01.08.12
rectifies when pipe reselected

“properties” showing for non-existent pipe (none selected)

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Any particular steps to reproduce the display & props issues? :slight_smile:

I think I’ve seen the timestamping problem myself as well, but I couldn’t yet figure out how to reproduce.

No, when it has occurred, I’ve been flying around selecting, inspecting and monitoring.
On the few occasions when sthg unexpected shows up, reselecting has always rectified.
It “feels” like the UI sometimes needs a 2nd stab to “catch up”…

Interesting that you’ve encountered glitches too.

One more laggy update obs:
had a Rescale properties not updating to Transform when selected
When going to select region for Screenshot, I stated the mouse_down in the Property pane( instead of Pipeline Pane). This was enough to trigger pane update.