Arpeggio, Delay, Repeater don't seem to work

Hi, brand new here and to the midihub. I finally got it working with a synth of mine, but whenever I put in arpeggio or delay or repeater, they just stop the chain. When I bypass them it works again. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, do they have to have a clock setting or something? Harmony seems to work and the others I’ve tried too.

Yes, you have to feed them with a clock. Make virtual pipe with the delay and arp and then a clock to the virtual pipe.

A bit distracted at the moment but if I find the time I can post an example.


Thank you for the reply. I’ve been trying that but i haven’t gotten it to work so far. I looked at loopop’s video and he does a simple example of it but that’s using usb/daw, so I’m kind of unclear what the virtual ports are exactly. The wording in the editor doesn’t lend itself to understanding completely what it does in detail. I have a line that’s clock to virtual port A and then a line that’s from virtual port A and then arp and then to Midi A. Still it only works if i bypass the arp. I’ll keep trying things.

Hi, pipes that provide processing synced to rhythm must have Clock messages passing through, either from an external source, or from Midihub itself. See this for an example on how to use BPM Clock pipe with Virtual ports to provide tempo to Arp: Arpeggiator not work - #2 by Giedrius

Whatever is sent to a Virtual port output immediately appears at the matching Virtual port input for further processing. This is very useful for merging MIDI streams.


I found an old preset I tinkered around with that uses clock to virtual ports for feeding arpeggiators etc. Perhaps it could be helpful in some way.

The bypassed setup utilize midi clock from synth in port A. The active settings uses the usb ports for controlling VST:s (it’s a noise machine, so it uses three LFO:s and different BPM:s in a weird way and the preset also use the transformation pipe in a pretty basic way to turn LFO cycles to notes)

It looks a bit messy (and it is!). But what you probably should copy is this:

  1. Send clock to virtual port (from an input or by using the clock generator)
  2. Add arp etc to virtual port
  3. Send virtual port to the output you want to use.

Midihub 2022.06.07 20.03.55 (Preset 8) MELODIC NOISEMACHINE.mhp (814 Bytes)

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I cleaned it up a bit before I posted it, but it is what it is I’m afraid.

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