Alex’s 8-note BopPad

This topic gives more detail for users who have downloaded this patch for Keith McMillan’s BopPad

It gives a bit more detail for anyone who might want to extend/adapt it

The patch arose from a collaboration that started here and continued via PMs

What we discovered was…

(...TLDNR bit...)

…our original idea of doing a Transform using the ‘Note’ CCs led to all sorts of complications.

…because the BopPad always sends the CCs from a given hit in ascending list order…
…then if the ‘Radius CC’ is kept last & it is made the "note creator’, the ‘Note’ CCs can be mapped to give it the correct velocity

This means…

…that as long as the ‘Radius CC’ is later in the BopPad Editor CC list than its partner ‘Note’ CCs, then the patch can be adapted to split the Quadrant into more notes.


we had thought the the CC id order was important and amended patch accordingly. Turns out only BopPad Editor CC list order is important.

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Here’s are some screenshots of how I’ve set up the BopPad editor to send the CC’s in Order.

On the MidiHub Side,

My Transform Pipes look like this for the inner (CC16-19) and outer (CC 20-23) ring notes. Note that the ‘Work with CC number in Range Low/High’ is the CC that sends the radius CC for each quadrant (CC32-35). The inner ring notes use the radius CC set to the value 0-80, but could be whatever you want in order to make the strike space more narrow or wider, and could even include a gap if you want a dead zone in between the notes to prevent accident strikes or offset from 0 to prevent accidentally hitting notes where the points of the quadrants come together.

Inner Rings:

Outer Rings:

The hardest thing was getting the Argument 2 values mapped to the CC for the note I wanted in that half of the quadrant. It took several attempts to map and get the right CC, but they all eventually were learned.


Good point, Alex.
Easiest way around it, I guess, is to swap out the BopPad for an easily configurable device like a Keystep just to set up the maps.
Or set up temp BopPad patches which take your main then delete/switch off all the ones you don’t want Midihub to listen for.
If I’m talking nonsense let me know & I’ll trash this so as not to confuse!

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Version2 :

Set up as per Alex’s pics above but with following CC config:




(ie only 2 CCs per quadrant)

I revisited this as a possible recipe for the Transform ‘cookbook’ I’m piecing together.
Realised it could be simplified and thereby made easier to add extra note rings.

Set so that a BopPad preset created for v1 will still work for v2.

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